Born in Geneva, Switzerland

25 years old

2015 Bachelor in Industrial and Product Design at ECAL

2017 MSc Master of Science in Integrated Innovation for Product and Business Development HES-SO

Currently working for Manor Food – Innovation Team

Part of a Swiss Medical Start up named Sterilux

I believe that becoming a designer is to be able to contribute in reshaping the world, as long as you integrate different points of view and remain connected.

Therefore, after obtaining my bachelor of Industrial Design at ECAL, I pursued a master in Integrated Innovation for Product and Business Development. Working in multidisciplinary teams frees my creativity. I like to observe people and I am passionate about their different needs according to their social class, geographical location etc.
I am also part of a Swiss Start up named Sterilux developping a new solution for sterilizing medical tools, which needs less energy and clean water. It is an effective solution to reduce infection problems and help the progress of medicine in developing countries.